Repeatable Success

Written by James Caldwell-Acha-Ngwodo, MHRM, CPC, PHR

Many times we travel through life wishing to become that which we already are, but we never search inside ourselves to discover the means to get there.  This article is designed to get you to think about success as it relates to your own life, using a different perspective.


 In many of the conversations that I have with people about what it is they want out of life, I often hear them say that they want to be successful.  I challenge this statement by asking a series of questions.


What does success mean to you?  What does it look like? Is it an end goal?  Are you successful now?  What types of success have you achieved in the past?  Take a moment to contemplate answers to these questions for yourself.


When I ask someone what their idea of success is the majority of the time they think success equates finance, and is viewed as an end goal.  We spend very little time looking at the process and evaluating if the success we’ve accomplished in the past is repeatable.  What if we choose to look at this differently?


Think about the last time you achieved some form of success.   Try not to look at it from the standpoint of how much money you made.  Look at it more so from the aspect of accomplishing a goal e.g.; I installed my first toilet as part of my home improvement project, I finished a thesis paper for school, I completed a sewing project, I finished a PowerPoint presentation for work, etc.


Now I want you to reflect on how it felt to accomplish that goal.  Take a moment.  Now think about the process which you engaged in to help you reach that success.  Can you do it again?  Many times what I have come to find and to help others to see is that we all have achieved some form of success. The more we can recognize those accomplishments the more likely we are to tap into the frequency of success by recognizing the repeatable process.


 Now let’s try a bit of self-affirmation.

Twice a day try repeating this phrase, “I am SUCCESS, I embody it!!!!”

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