Wedding Style Part 1: It’s your day too.

Personalized Tuxedo Wedding Hanger for Groom, Custom Wire Hanger for Best Man, Groomsman, Ring Bearer

During the wedding planning process, a lot of attention is directed towards the bride’s attire, but what the groom wears also matters. We’re not suggesting that the groom try to steal the bride’s shine, but the groom should put in the time to make sure his attire reflects his personal style and the style of the couple. Don’t just go for the generic rented tux, clip-on bow tie, and cummerbund (dated), because you don’t think what you wear matters. And don’t let the wedding planner, bride, mother-of-bride, etc decide what you should wear. Make it your mission to look dapper as all get out on your wedding day. There are countless options and resources available that can help you pull together your wedding day look, and that of your groomsmen (don’t forget them, they’re like your posse). Here are a few links to get you started. 

Polka Dot Groom

Large variety of wedding day looks.


The GQ Wedding Primer

Groom List

How to buy a bespoke suit - Part 1
Get married like a man.

Offbeat Groom

Wedding Portraits
Alternatives to the traditional.

“It’s not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle.”

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