3 Benefits of Knowing Your Body Measurements

Until about 100 years ago, people made their own clothes or employed a tailored, and ALL fashions were custom designed. In 1939 the U.S. Department of Agriculture conducted a study of women’s body measurements in hopes of selling more ready-to-wear clothing by developing a reliable, industry-standard sizing system. Over time North American clothing sizes have moved substantially away from the standard and now have almost no connection to it. Due to this variation, it is much more helpful to know your measurements versus your size.

  • You Will Save Time
    • Rather than taking time to try clothes on in the store or exchange/return an item, you will just be able to walk into a store, pick up what you need, and not have to bother with measuring yourself every time you need a new dress shirt or a pair of new trousers.
  • You Save Money
    • Knowing what NOT to buy can save money and help to eliminate impulse purchases.
    • Time is money, so if you are saving time, you are saving money.
  • Your Clothes Will Fit
    • By knowing your body’s three-dimensional angles, you will be able to select clothes that fit your body figure.
    • If you prefer to shop online, you’ll be able to figure out how something fits based on the store’s size chart.
    • You will get more use out of your wardrobe when all of your clothes flatter your body shape rather than make you feel or look uncomfortable.

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