American Armadillo in Nigeria

AA Crest

My name James and I am a Talent Management and Workforce Development Consultant and Certified Professional Coach.  I am a Nigerian-American holding dual-citizenship in the United States of America and the Federal Republic of Nigeria (ECOWAS).

I am the proud owner of American Armadillo, which is an international organization that focuses on delivering solutions to organizations through Talent Management.  The core areas that I enjoy focusing on include talent management, workforce development, apparel manufacturing, agriculture, clean energy, and sustainable living.

We are looking to expand our organization internationally and to share our experiences within our small business as we embark on the new challenge of bringing our apparel manufacturing operation online in Lagos, Nigeria.

We would like to keep you updated on our operational plans as we transition into the Nigerian market.  One of our many goals is to help enrich the local workforce development efforts to create sustainable living models by helping local populations gain access to mid-skill, living wage opportunities.

Without going into a huge amount of company history regarding how we got to where we are, we do think it may be relevant to mention that in early 2014 we started a small scale apparel manufacturing operation in Indianapolis, IN.  At that time we did not foresee the local skills gap that we would soon face for such an undertaking in the apparel manufacturing space locally.

During this process we would like to provide a snapshot of our journey, including our goals, challenges, setbacks, and successes.  We hope that you follow us on this journey as we move forward, and hope that something can be provided through our experiences that will help inspire someone to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly and with resilience.  We will keep you updated with what we’re doing and if you see ways to contribute in a meaningful way please feel free to reach out to us at or use the contact form below.

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