Moving Forward

value-gapOk folks, as you may know we have several projects we are working on and while there is definitely some heavy weight lifting to be done, we’re sure it can be done. Right here in Indiana.

We are currently interested in scheduling conversations relating to community development, action planning, and strategy related to workforce development and the creation of a bustling economic development culture for those who may be underdeveloped/skilled and reside in impoverished communities.

While our work is taking us to Nigeria in January of 2017, our local community efforts in Indianapolis and Gary, IN are aimed at providing talent with opportunities to create sustainable living options both locally and abroad.

By leveraging our communities and intimate networks we will be able to create large opportunities from the scattered crumbs many times those in redeveloped communities are left to pick up and regularly get stuck with.

Our goal is to help you get connected to opportunities/efforts that may be building and underway in your communities Nationwide. We will further be unraveling the things that are going on in Indianapolis so that you can stay directly connected to those things that may impact you directly.

We will work diligently to keep you updated and uplifted as we move forward with the fire of the community behind us and in front of us as we blaze the trails for those looking to be free, connected, or looking for an eye patch. 🙂

If you choose, feel free follow the link starting with the UMA (Urban Manufacturers Alliance) conference which was held here in Indianapolis last week in which our company American Armadillo is a member.

I hope this information becomes clearer and helps you move forward as you see fit.

The link to the UMA is as follows.