Early Soft Skills Development

soft-skillsWorking in Workforce Development we often hear reference made to the “skills gap” that employers are faced with when looking for the right talent for positions as they seek to stay cutting edge within their industries. With advances in technology, globalization, and a much more mobile workforce finding talent to fill many of the local and global roles has become an ever elusive game of the proverbial ‘cat and mouse.’

Employers are constantly searching for qualified talent, many times through failed efforts for finding the right candidate and career candidates are focusing on finding opportunities in markets where their talents are largely underutilized and unappreciated with a focus being on technical or “hard skills.” These “hard skills” are usually defined as skills directly related to specific roles and actions held by individuals in the past.

“Soft skills,” also known as “people skills” are largely a part of what we are hearing as an immediate need for employers to find in candidates. Career candidates that are self-starters and able to navigate issues through problem solving strategies and an ability to demonstrate a relevant impact to the organization’s success.

How do successful career candidates navigate through the complex processes that many get lost in relating to finding and landing employment opportunities? Begin developing soft skills early and often.

Since employers are eagerly awaiting new talent to hit their respective industries, grooming/developing talent at a younger age may be an effective strategy to ensure the next generation of career candidates are “work ready.” While many differ in when career development conversations should occur, there is usually a common ground found in the belief that ‘earlier is better.’

Our efforts include curriculum development and workshop facilitation to collegiate career candidates domestically and abroad. We currently partner with local universities to expose students to relevant and practical means for entering the workforce; targeting opportunities and marketing their specific skill sets through career development strategy, while also creating pathways for employment through our international workforce development opportunity pipelines.

We would also like to offer these services to those who have decided that college is not the next step in their life plan and are choosing to enter the workforce sooner. We are actively seeking connections to offer these development opportunities for those preparing for mid skill career while still in high school.

For more information or to inquire about how you can connect with us, please send us an email to info@americanarmadillo.com.

James Caldwell-Acha-Ngwodo, MHRM, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP, CPBA
Certified Professional Coach
Talent Management & Workforce Development Consultant