My First Week in Nigeria


I’ve completed my first week here in my Nigerian stay and to say that I have had to overcome a few challenges would be an understatement. But the focus of this article will not be on my challenges, but on the opportunities that I have the chance to become involved in.

Nigeria is a country located in the tropical region of West Africa. It has a population of about 180 million people, making it Africa’s most populous country. Being located in a tropical region of West Africa makes the country an ideal location for agriculture.

I was amazed at the amount of effort, energy, and focus that is beginning to be placed on the agriculture industry in this country. Nigeria’s fertile soil and abundant farmland and waterways make it an ideal place to grow and farm things such as poultry, fish, cattle, pigs, goats, snail, cassava, plantain, yam, tomatoes, soya, and palm oil, to name a few. But the country’s ability to produce is not the biggest concern in Nigeria. The concern lies in what the farmers do with the crops and meats once the growing stops.

I have had the opportunity to be involved in a number of very healthy discussions, centering on the agricultural landscape in Nigeria. Agriculture in the country is the industry of now and creates a unique opportunity for Nigeria to be a powerhouse contributor to the global produce markets.


It is no secret within the country that Nigeria is in a prime position related to its ability to grow and produce, and there are a number of local efforts that center on the agricultural industry in the region.

So far, one of the groups that I have had the opportunity to be involved in is, All to Farm. All to Farm is a collective comprised of farmers who focus not only on their own personal farms, but contribute their skills, expertise and resources for to the group at large and the agricultural industry as a whole. The group promotes farming and inspires people to get involved and become farmers.

I am sure my knowledge will continue to grow during my time here, from a workforce development perspective, but I wanted to make an initial introduction to one organization leading the way in agriculture in Nigeria.

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