American Armadillo ~”It’s not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle.” A simple statement that holds quite a bit of complexity. If you’ve been in some strategically random location; receiving straight-razor shave and shoe shine, browsing a local fashion boutique; meeting at a mentoring event, corporate conference, in the mood for a good book, enjoying art and literature at the central library and if the roman numerals XLVI mean anything to you; you may have begun to associate the words American Armadillo and bowties.. The bowtie and other fashion components of the brand American Armadillo are all a part of a larger conversation; professional development.

For us the “armadillo,” in the name “American Armadillo” is recognized as a symbol of resilience, which we believe mirrors the resilience that is necessary to overcome challenges and take life to next level. This symbol teaches a lesson in the importance of balance and timing through its vulnerability and strength. This is something that is very relevant today both individually and from a corporate perspective.

Challenges and obstacles show up in life, business, image, career, health/wellness, financial stability, personal goals, company human resources, executive roles as you travel on life’s journey. When these challenges do show up, most of the time they can be frustrating and costly.

We have invested a lot of time and resources to develop solutions that help you manage through these challenges and maximize your potential, AND the potential of your organization. American Armadillo Inc. is the boutique talent management organization located in Indianapolis, IN.

Today’s businesses have a variety of moving parts such as; product supply chain, services, sales, marketing, customer service, and accounting, just to name a few. The focus of American Armadillo Inc. is to help develop polished, goal-oriented individuals, who contribute across the many parts of successful organizations.

We also partner with organizations developing programs and strategies to boost employee morale, service delivery effectiveness, talent development and management, and increase profitability through human capital. We focus on building better people, who build better organizations, who build a better world.

The American Armadillo bowtie has become an icon, a diploma, and a trophy, for the culmination of the hard work that it takes to maximize your potential, and should be worn as proudly as the cap and gown at a graduation or your proudest moments in life.

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